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Educational material

On this page you can find educational material included in the Body and Soul educational program. This material is not to be used in courses without the books.


Mathematics Laboratory

Mathematics Laboratory is a collection of tools for communicating and getting to understand mathematical concepts, relations, algorithms etc. The idea is to make math easier to "get into" and understand by visualization and interactivity, that can bring both figures and formulas to life.

Computer Sessions

The Body and Soul Computer Sessions are a natural part of the Body and Soul educational program.

Answers to Problems

Answers to some of the problems in the books are available.

David's Solutions (solutions by David Heintz):

Solutions to many problems in Vol. 1 and 3 (ALA-A and ALA-C). Written text in the solutions are in Swedish but should be simple to follow without understanding Swedish.

ALA-A Week 1

ALA-A Week 2

ALA-A Week 3

ALA-A Week 4

ALA-A Week 5

ALA-A Week 6

ALA-A Week 7

ALA-C Week 1-2

ALA-C Week 3

ALA-C Week 4

ALA-C Week 5

ALA-C Week 6

ALA-C Week 7